I wake up to whispering squeeks as my bed moves from side to side. My eyes are still shut tight as I wait till silence returns. Instead of returning to complete silence a sound remains, a quite loud noise when I come to think of it. Waves are crashing on the semi rocky semi sandy beach not further than 10 meters away from me. I move my hand along the wall behind my head untill I grab hold of the window handle, with one firm pull I slide it open and stick my head outside. As I open my eyes a stunning view surrounds me. Grassy hills with cows grazing on the distant hilltops form the background of this nearly deserted but well maintained Doc campsite. As I turn my head I see that the steep hills dive straight into the waves and over the water surface in the far distance lies Great Barrier Island underneath the fiery red, orange and blue sky.  It’s 5:43 am another beautiful autumn day is about to unfold. Together with my parents I’m one of the few people that experience this spectacle today at the Northern most point of the Coromandel, Fletcher Bay.


Fletcher Bay campsite is located at the end of a long and windy road that is mostly (33 kms) unsealed and has a couple of minor river crossings. The road is well maintained, normally suitable for any vehicle type and leads you right over the north cape of the Coromandel with great views out over the sea. This is a paid DOC campsite with basic facilities, for current prices and other information visit the doc website.